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Management of finished bearing warehouse

Management of finished bearing warehouse

The storeroom requires good ventilation. temperature to maintain 10-35 ℃, relative humidity 45-75%, day and night temperature difference is not greater than 7 ℃.

Shelves or cabinets for storing products should be coated with paint. The shelf partitions are lined with soft plates. Shelves need to be kept away from heat sources and direct sunlight, from walls and floors not less than

40cm. The storeroom should be able to prevent any corrosive gas and dust from entering. The reservoir shall not store acids, alkalis, salts and other chemicals as well as moisture-containing materials, batteries and other substances easily caused by corrosion. Don't use the stove to keep warm.

Warehouse should be far away from boiler room, chemical Bank, Surface treatment workshop, heat treatment workshop and can emit a large number of corrosive atmosphere of the workshop.

In order to avoid the atmosphere of rain, snow, hail, dew and other attacks on products and bird hazards, warehouses need to build windproof doors, skylights for double-decker blinds, easy to switch.

There is a drainage minggou around the warehouse, and no water equipment is set up in the library. The library shall be provided with cleaning, drying and oil seal packing rooms and the required equipment and workbench.

Keep the storeroom clean and dry, use a vacuum cleaner or wet mop to clean the ground, and should not sprinkle water.

At the beginning and end of daily work, the temperature and humidity of wet and dry balls, hair hygrometers or automatic recording of temperature and moisture are measured. Warehouse staff need to master the temperature, humidity change law and general adjustment methods.

Storage bearing storage must be organized, should be in accordance with the bearing material, series, grade, model, specifications and storage date and other categories of safe custody

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